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"A VIRUS keeps us home!"

Now in English:

Snowy the Snail is bored.

Even the land of the snails has been affected by a virus and all the snails must stay in their snail homes. Snowy the snail is miserable. Even the best lettuces no longer taste any good. She hasn’t seen any of her friends for days and she misses them a lot. Snail school and snail kindergarten are also closed, the playgrounds are blocked off and many snail parents and adults have to work from home. Gosh, what a challenge.

And then Snowy the Snail had a great idea. She would put together, for you and your friends, lots of different game ideas for inside and outside, adventurous challenges for all kinds of weather, recipes, experiments, drawing and craft suggestions – ideas to help fill the time at home. Snowy the snail thinks long and hard about the feeling of boredom and how she can stay in contact with her friends. With countless creative ideas bubbling up inside her Snowy the snail no longer gets bored.

A virus keeps us home makes this current homebound situation a little bit more child friendly. All of the fun yet simple ideas in this book are intended for 3 -10 year olds and are suitable for in and around the home.

The best activity book for children who are stuck at home because of a virus.

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